Family Security Planning

It is never too early to consider family security planning; the time to start is when an individual begins their career while they are young and healthy. Individuals should establish the habit of setting aside a portion of their income in safe financial programs that will be available when needed and utilize programs that can work as double duty dollars.

Contingency Planning

Most individuals realize the need for car insurance (state required) however overlooks the need for renters insurance for their apartment. When they buy a home they are required to buy homeowner insurance by the mortgage company but should also consider insurance that will pay the mortgage if they become disable or die prematurely.

Disability of Income Earner – Calculate

Many families depend on two (2) incomes to maintain the family’s standard of living. If individual is injured on their job in most instances the company will provide workman compensation (state required) that will provide a portion of the base income for a period of time; however this is  usually limited in amount and duration. Some companies may also provide additional group short term and/or long term disability income insurance. In many instances these group programs are limited and restricted in definition and amount of coverage. In order to provide for the needs of one’s family, it is important to consider a personal individual program that provides a continuation of income on each income earner that will replace a portion of their income regardless if an injury or sickness occurs on or off the job.

Death of Income Earner – Capital Needs

Because many families depend on two income earners to maintain the family’s standard of living. The premature death of either income earner may create a strain on the family’s standard of living and financial security at a time when the emotions of the lost of a loved one are at a critical level. Life insurance is an efficient method to provide for the needs of the family in the event of the premature death of an income earner.

Loss of Employment

The lost of employment of either income earner could have a negative impact on the family standard of living as well as the family security. It may be necessary to provide a safety net in the event of this possibility. There are potential strategies that can help offset the lost.

Children College Funding 

In today’s competitive employment environment it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a good college education. The cost of higher education has been increasing greatly over the years because of this demand and the limitation of state and federal grants and loans. It is important to start preparing for your children’s college cost as soon as possible and utilize all the tools at your disposal.

Calculate A College Saving Plan


*529 College Plans

These programs are started by parents and grandparents, as well as others who want to help make a difference in the child’s future.

Life Insurance

In the event of a premature death life insurance would be able to provide an account that can be designated for college and if cash value life insurance is used, the living benefit of would be available to offset some of the cost as well.

Student Loan Planning

In order to be eligible for student loans and grants, it is important to begin planning by the child begins high school.

Other Creative Options are also available


Retirement Income Planning 

It is never too early or too late to plan for retirement, what’s important is that you set aside a portion of your income today for the future. The earlier you start the less you have to set aside, it is also important to utilize every option at your disposal today and keep alert for new and innovative programs in the future. Calculate your retirement cash flow

Traditional & Roth IRA

Company Retirement Plan

Social Security Benefits

Savings & Investments

Life Insurance Cash Value

When retirement age is reached, it is important to consider all the products and programs available and not limit yourself to one product or program. Because elder planning is an important area in retirement, it may be necessary to consider annuities, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, advisory accounts, alternative investments as well as other programs that may be developed in order to achieve your goals.


Elder Planning

Because of medical advancement we are living longer and enjoying a more active lifestyle for a longer period of time. As the population ages individuals begin require assistants with activities of daily living such as driving, shopping, house cleaning, walking and so on. To start they may require occasional assistance, but as time goes on require constant assistants. This is an evolving area of planning because the demographics are changing rapidly; the unknown factors involved in the growing elderly population are health care cost, government and private resources, etc. It is becoming increasing important for all family members to be involved in the discussion making process. The earlier the planning is started to better the chance for success.

Below are just a few services that are available to today’s seniors:

  • Home Assistant Living
  • Adult Day Care
  • Assistant Living Facility
  • Nursing Home Planning

It is important to have a basic understanding regarding the need for Health Care Planning in Retirement as well as setting up proper Long Term Care programs prior to it becoming too expensive due health changes and age.

One of the biggest investments that seniors have is their home.  Many seniors consider accessing the equity in their home through various options, one being Reverse Mortgages.





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